Scanners Are Out of Stock Everywhere: Why You Can’t Find Any. And What To Do About It:

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Scanners Are Out of Stock Everywhere: Why You Can’t Find Any, and What To Do About It

Have you noticed that most suppliers are telling you that scanners are out of stock, or hard to get when you’re in need of one.
Manufactures of scanners and most electronics for that matter, are facing shortages.

This article will explore some of the reasons why, and how Scanner Rental can help you.

Why Are Scanners Out Of Stock Everywhere?

Why are so many scanners and most electronics out of stock? When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, production of electronics and mostly everything else produced in China came to a sudden stop as most countries came to a lockdown.
Factories closed and electronics such as printers, scanners, copiers and laptops suddenly subjected to a huge increase in demand.
Most electronics are experiencing drastic shortages that are not expected to ease until well in to 2022.

While manufacturing was experiencing delays, a lot of problems also arised through the supply on the distribution side of things.
The Covid-19 pandemic had a big impact on labor, and this translated to issues with moving products around the globe.
Shipping delays are being experienced worldwide. There is a shortage of labor to stock warehouses and storefronts where the final steps in the fulfillment process are handled.

Increased Laptop and Scanner Demand

With the workforce transitioning from office to remote work at the start of the pandemic, the need for laptops and scanners experienced an increase in demand. These two items became the most essential tool to facilitate remote working during the Covid-19 Lockdown.

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William Gunston

William Gunston

Posted on 2021/09/30

Working From Home. Tips On Buying A Digital Scanner

Canon Scanners


Hi dear reader, I’m Lesley. I’m a self-professed digital guru. I’ve always had a strong in scanning technology since I was in my teens. I’m now known as the go-to guy when my close friends have questions about scanners.

Now that most of us are working remotely because of the Covid-19 pandemic, I have put together a few tips and tricks for those who want a have a scanner at home to work on.

First-things-first: The Design.
Look For Something With A Sleek Design And Feel To It.

First thing I always tell people is to look for a digital scanner that fits into your working environment.
You want something that fits into small spaces, a scanner that is easily accessible and that also doesn’t clutter your room or office.
I personally like the Canon P-215II. It has a very small, sleek and beautiful design that allows me to put it anywhere in my room or office.
Most importantly, or at least for me, is that I can move it around whenever I want to.
What I also like about it is that it produces quiet scanning. If you’re house is busy and filled with noises, it’s nice to have a machine that isn’t noisy.

Amongst everything, most importantly, is the performance like speed.

Productivity is important if you’re working from home, because now you have to balance your professional and personal life all at once.
How fast you can scan improves work efficiency. There are a lot of scanners on the market today that claim they are fast, but what does the published speed actually mean?
Like some scanners may take time to start and some of them has to warm up before you can start the scan process.
However, there are scanners out there with amazing scanning times, like the Canon DR-C240 with a scanning time of 40ppm.

What you scan is important.

Another important performance feature is the ability to scan a variety of different types of documents, such as different paper types and sizes.

Here’s a checklist of items to guide you to the perfect scanner:

  • Feature rich file management application
  • Editable Word, Excel, and PPT files
  • Deskew and rotation capabilities
  • Color, size and blank page detection
  • USB or Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Automatic document feeder
Lesley Bevan

Lesley Bevan

Posted on 2021/10/01

Speeding Up Warehouse Processes For Manufacturers

Document Scanners


All manufacturing companies are always looking for ways to improve their supply chain efficiency, and an important starting point is the use of document scanning to optimize processes.

For example, the receiving and shipping departments.
As fast as workers receive materials for the company’s manufacturing process, it’s important that its checked in and entered into the systems.

Document scanners can speed up these processes by saving time, and creating productivity with no errors.
Scanners can accurately capture the data on documents and clean up the scanned images so they are readable.

Captured data that is on bills, slips and documents, saves people time.
For example, when a department receives notifications that their goods arrived, it can accommodate the incoming inventory with purchase orders.
Then, production planners are alerted about the arrival of the needed products for the assembly line.
This kind of communication is very important for companies that makes use of the just-in-time manufacturing practices.

Document scanning also provide cost savings on many fronts.
Like, digital documents don’t need rooms full of files and cabinets. That room can now be used for other work purposes.
Another important factor, by getting invoices into the accounts payable process quickly, finance can now benefit of early pay discounts.

Document scanning in manufacturing helps productivity while saving time and money by:

  • Fewer manual, paper-based shipping and receiving processes
  • Quicker access to data on incoming inventory and outgoing orders
  • Better control of parts inventories and assembly planning
  • Integration with ERP, warehouse and accounting software.
  • Improved and more efficient productivity and workflows

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Willy Wallace

Willy Wallace

Posted on 2021/10/02

Making and Capturing Memories during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Capturing Memories With Your Scanner


Drive-by carcades have become a popular way to celebrate in this uncertain time that we’re living in.
Covid-19 has changed the way we celebrate milestone events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and graduations.
We all have to deal with hardships of social distancing. As most adults, we understand why we can’t have parties right now.
And for a child, to have a birthday during this time is devastating.
As a father, I’d want to celebrate my son’s birthday in the best way possible with what I have.

I was not going to let the pandemic put a curb on my son’s Birthday celebration, so we held a drive-by carcade.
My family and friends decorated their cars with colorful banners and sang happy birthday.
He had about 15 cars drive by to sing happy birthday and it turned out to be a success! He completely loved.
Before everyone left, they had left all their posters and banners from their cars with us, that was very nice of them, yeah but there was one problem. I had no space for all of it!

Owning a Canon document scanner helped me keep all the memories without having all the paper clutter.
My scanner helped me save my son’s birthday celebration’s banners everyone had left for him.
Now I have digital copies of all of them, and we can print it out anytime we want to.

Having a Scanner Can Save You A Lot Of Memories During This Covid-19 Pandemic.

John-Lee Morta

John-Lee Morta

Posted on 2021/10/02